About Us

Welcome to the Cache Valley Ready, Community Preparedness Group! We are a dedicated group of residents committed to promoting emergency preparedness and resilience within our beautiful Cache Valley. Our mission is to provide resources, education, and support to help our community members become better prepared for any emergency or disaster situation.

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Utah, Cache Valley is not only our home but also the driving force behind our commitment to preparedness. We recognize that living in this area, while offering countless benefits and natural beauty, also presents us with unique challenges and potential hazards. By coming together as a community, we believe we can overcome these challenges and ensure the safety and well-being of our friends, families, and neighbors.

Our group is inclusive and welcomes individuals from all walks of life. We believe that diversity strengthens our collective preparedness and fosters a sense of unity and cooperation. Whether you are a seasoned prepper or just beginning your preparedness journey, our group offers a wealth of resources, workshops, and support to help you achieve your goals.

We are organized into various departments, each focusing on specific aspects of preparedness, such as medical, security, communications, gardening, and more. This structure allows our members to become experts in their chosen areas, contributing valuable knowledge and skills to the overall preparedness of our community.

As Cache Valley residents, we are passionate about helping one another and fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. By working together, we can create a safer, more resilient community that is ready to face any challenges that come our way. We invite you to join us on this journey towards a better-prepared Cache Valley.

Welcome to our preparedness family!